1. Lesson Plan: Show Yourself Off - Write a Resume

    • Resource ID: 19952
    • Grade Range: 11, 12
    In this lesson, students will create personal resumes to use when searching for a job. Students will be able to differentiate between chronological and functional resumes and add an updated resume to their career portfolio.
  2. Career Preparation I

    • Grade Range: 11, 12
    Career Preparation I provides opportunities for students to participate in a work-based learning experience that combines classroom instruction with business and industry employment experiences. The goal is to prepare students with a variety of skills for a changing workplace. Career preparation...
  3. Applied Mathematics for Technical Professionals

    • Grade Range: 11, 12
    The process standards describe ways in which students are expected to engage in the content. The placement of the process standards at the...
  4. Lesson Plan: Creating a Lifestyle Budget

    • Resource ID: 20046
    • Grade Range: 11, 12
    In this lesson, students will use rates and linear functions to solve problems involving finance and budgeting, including compensations and deductions.