1. World Health Research

    • Grade Range: 9, 10, 11, 12, Postsecondary
    The World Health Research course is designed to examine major world health problems and emerging technologies as solutions to these medical concerns. It is designed to improve students' understanding of the cultural, infrastructural, political, educational, and technological constraints and...
  2. Scope and Sequence: World Health Research

    • Resource ID: 19414
    • Grade Range: 11, 12
    CTE TEKS - Implemented 2017-2018, adopted in 2015
    World Health Research course scope and sequence within the Health Science Career Cluster® summarizes the content to be taught, and one possible order for teaching the units of instruction. A brief description of each unit and the...
  3. Lesson Plan: Immunity and Diseases

    • Resource ID: 12533
    • Grade Range: 11, 12
    In this lesson, students will be walked through the process of identifying the immune system and learn how immunity is acquired, the organs of the immune system, the body's lines of defense, types of white blood cells, hormones, and vaccinations.
  4. Lesson Plan: Global Infectious Diseases

    • Resource ID: 12531
    • Grade Range: 11, 12
    In this lesson, students learn about infectious diseases that are the leading causes of death worldwide. They also learn to differentiate between emerging and reemerging diseases, analyze common infectious diseases, and examine available technology to combat infectious diseases in developing...