1. Lesson Plan: Developing Speed (Alpha, Numeric, and Keypad)

    • Resource ID: 11589
    • Grade Range: 9, 10
    This lesson will enable students to determine areas of strength and weaknesses in data entry skills, determine a plan of action to improve individual speed, chart progression, and analyze end results.
  2. Lesson Plan: Developing Accuracy on Keyboard

    • Resource ID: 11591
    • Grade Range: 9, 10
    In this lesson, students gauge and develop their touch systems data entry skills. The lesson includes activities that help students improve speed and accuracy on Keyboard.
  3. Lesson Plan: Proofreading

    • Resource ID: 11593
    • Grade Range: 9, 10
    This lesson helps students improve their proofreading skills. It focuses on different types of copy, reading for understanding, and entering data. 
  4. Scope and Sequence: Touch System Data Entry

    • Resource ID: 19369
    • Grade Range: 9, 10
    CTE TEKS - Implemented 2017-2018, adopted in 2015
    Touch System Data Entry course scope and sequence within the Business Management and Administration Career Cluster® summarizes the content to be taught, and one possible order for teaching the units of instruction. A brief description...
  5. Lesson Plan: Proper Keyboarding Technique

    • Resource ID: 11576
    • Grade Range: 9, 10
    This lesson will help students understand the history behind touch system data entry (past), the importance of mastering correct techniques (present), and the proper techniques and their relationship to ergonomics (future).
  6. Lesson Plan: Keyboard Layout and Setup

    • Resource ID: 11578
    • Grade Range: 9, 10
    In this lesson, students will gain knowledge, understanding, and practice in the layout and setup of the keyboard.
  7. Lesson Plan: Alphabetic Keys, Numeric Keys, Numeric Keypad, Function/Command Keys

    • Resource ID: 11580
    • Grade Range: 9, 10
    In this lesson, students will learn proper keyboarding technique, including alphabetic keys, numeric keys, symbols, functions, and command keys.
  8. Lesson Plan: Keyboarding Composition

    • Resource ID: 11595
    • Grade Range: 9, 10
    In this lesson, students will learn, understand, and apply proofreading techniques.