GenTX: Get Inspired Right Now

Created By: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Audience: 7th-12th-grade students
Big Picture: Here you can learn from others who’ve gone to college and want to share their advice with you—through videos, blogs, and events in your community. Yep, GenTX is all over Texas, and you can use this site to find out where they’ve got centers to help you with your college prep. And you can use the site’s helpful checklists (arranged by grade level) to formulate your own get-into-college plan of attack.
How It Helps You: We mentioned checklists, and that perfectly describes this website’s strengths—it lays out for you very clearly the things you’ve got to do to get the life you want to have.
Must-Use: Gotta check out the Get Inspired section—these are some seriously sweet videos of students and famous adults (including Vince Young and Senator Wendy Davis) talking about their own personal journeys to success that started by going to college.
Parent-Friendliness: Parents like to make plans, so this site makes it easy by letting them see the various plans you’ll need to follow to get ready for college, as well as the places in your community they can take you to get more help and inspiration.
Protip: Look, ultimately you go to college to get the career you’ve been dreaming of, and the Learn More. Earn More section will get you pumped about those careers—just go to the Download Center and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find it.