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Texas GEAR UP is all about helping Texas students like you get ready to be successful in college—and way beyond.

Explore GEAR UP resources to answer all your burning college questions, watch videos of kids who've overcome some of the same challenges you may be facing, get the full scoop on your dream career, and so much more. Just think of it all as an extra boost on the way to making the rest of your life seriously awesome.

Educator Toolbox

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In the Educator’s Lounge Toolbox you will find information and resources for educators to get students more informed about college and careers. Find TEKS aligned lesson plans relating to career exploration, financial literacy, and academic prep. You can even search by grade and topic!  Also, find all the TXGU videos and TEKS aligned lesson plans for those as well.


The TXGU video series can provide some inspiration for you and your students. “How I Got Here” (with accompanying lesson plans) features near-peers sharing the hurdles they faced on their journeys to college—which will feel very familiar to many TXGU kids. “Texas GEAR UP in Action” takes an in-depth look at some of the amazing programs taking place at GEAR UP grants across the state.


Looking for some extra tools to help you help your GEAR UP community? Right here you’ll find an ever-expanding collection of resources custom-made for GEAR UP educators.


These classroom activities crafted to help enhance college and career readiness are searchable by grade level and theme. (Tip: Keep checking back, because more activities are added regularly.)

College Transition Guide

So your students officially got into college (yay!), but do they know what to do next? Conveniently, this teen-friendly guide walks them through just about everything they need to do to make that tricky transition to college life a huge success.

Discover You Quiz

Explore Careers

Use the Explore Careers page to find and get all the details on your dream careers. You can search by specific job names, or use filters to narrow down options based on your preferences.

College Prep Tools

Get inspired with two Texas GEAR UP video series:
  • How I Got Here” lets kids whose stories may sound a lot like yours tell how they overcame major hurdles on their path to college.
  • Faces of TXGU” introduces TXGU’ers from around the state.
Why Go to College? Discover the major benefits that come along with that college degree.
Prep for College Fact: It’s never too early to start prepping. Learn how to make yourself completely college-ready.
Find a College There are tons of colleges out there to choose from. Figure out how to find the one that’s a perfect fit for you.
Pay for College Don’t think you can afford college? Get the scoop on the many, many resources that exist to help pay for your education.
Dates & Deadlines With these handy Texas GEAR UP college charts, you'll never have an excuse to miss an upcoming (and may we add, super-important) deadline. We've gathered all the info you need to know when it comes to important dates for admissions and scholarships deadlines, AP and SAT/ACT testing, and college tours from schools all across the state. Take a look around and don't forget to keep checking back for all the latest updates.
TXGU’s Guide to All Things College So you figured out how to get into college, but what do you do next? Luckily, this guide is here to walk you through all the stuff you need to do before and during your first year of college to make sure you rock it properly.
Download your copy of the college guide

College Guide

Accepted! Now What?

You did it. You’re officially college-bound, you superstar. Of course, you’ve probably been laser-focused on actually getting into college. And now that you’ve made it happen, you might be wondering what exactly you’re supposed to do next…
Never fear! Texas GEAR UP is here with just about everything you need to know and do before and after classes start to make your first year in college insanely triumphant. Flip through “TXGU’s Guide to All Things College” right here, or download it to read later whenever the mood strikes you. (Spoiler: You’ll probably want to keep it real handy for a while.)