Texas GEAR UP University Game

Why just teach a lesson when you can gamify it? When students are getting a big helping of knowledge through hands-on, interactive learning, odds are pretty good that they’re genuinely going to absorb the info. Which is exactly why we’re throwing open the doors to GEAR UP University!
Introduce your seniors (or even juniors) to this mock college enrollment game that was originally created by the inventive minds in San Antonio ISD. It’s a fun, memorable way to give students a sneak preview of what things may be like when they experience that huge transition to postsecondary life. Heading off to college can certainly be intimidating, but the GEAR UP University game is ready to help provide a little practice to make the whole process go as smoothly as possible.
This game teaches students the function of university departments, guides them through important college-related financial decisions, stresses the importance of applying for scholarships, and a whole lot more. And the most important thing? It does all this in a completely non-intimidating manner. From the very beginning of the game when they’re handed a financial aid award letter and college schedule, students will have to navigate through different stations representing a mock university campus—all while dealing with the same type of issues most real-life college kids would be facing.
You can find all the gameplay materials below. Start with the GEAR UP U Introduction file for the instructions, and just go from there. Then enjoy getting your (highly informative) game on!


Game Starters

At the beginning of the GEAR UP University game, all of the students are given a pen or pencil, a blank expense ledger, a college schedule, and a financial aid award letter. There are six different award letters and three different schedules, and they should all be distributed randomly. Download these materials below. 

Station Materials

The game also features Life Happens cards that should be passed out at random to students during gameplay. These cards feature unexpected things that pop up during the college experience (both positive and negative) that may impact players’ available funds. Download the life happens cards below.