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About Standards

Standards explanation. Given a situation that can be modeled by a quadratic function or the graph of a quadratic function the student will determine the domain.

Human Coding Scheme
Term description

use appropriate vocabulary and correct grammar and punctuation to compose and edit copy for a variety of written documents such as scripts, captions, schedules, reports, manuals, proposals, and other client-based documents; and


employ effective planning and time-management skills with increased fluency to complete work tasks.


The student implements advanced professional communications strategies. The student is expected to:


demonstrate verbal and non-verbal communication consistently in a clear, concise, and effective manner;


analyze, interpret, and effectively communicate information, data, and observations;


create and deliver formal and informal presentations effectively; and


exhibit public relations skills to maintain internal and external customer/client satisfaction.


The student implements advanced problem-solving methods. The student is expected to:


employ critical-thinking skills with increased fluency both independently and in groups to solve problems and make decisions; and


demonstrate the transfer and adaptation of knowledge through the creation of original work.


The student understands and applies proper safety techniques in the workplace. The student is expected to:


demonstrate an understanding of and consistently follow workplace safety rules and regulations; and


recognize and resolve potential safety concerns.


The student understands the professional, ethical, and legal responsibilities in audio/video production. The student is expected to:


demonstrate a positive, productive work ethic by performing assigned tasks as directed;


exhibit ethical conduct by providing proper credit for ideas and maintaining privacy of sensitive content;


model respect for intellectual property when manipulating, morphing, and editing graphics, video, text, and sound;


practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology;


show integrity by choosing the ethical course of action when making decisions; and


comply with all applicable rules, laws, and regulations in a consistent manner.