2017 Higher Education Almanac (https://www.txcte.org/resource/2017-higher-education-almanac)


2017 Higher Education Almanac

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The Higher Education Almanac (http://www.60x30tx.com/) gives a statewide and institution-by-institution look at what happened in Texas’s public higher education systems over the past year. The data are not intended to be an end point. These measures are a starting point – a prelude to inspire the courageous conversations, collaboration, and innovation that will help the state reach the bold goals of 60x30TX. We invite you to flip through the almanac’s pages and use the data as a springboard as we work together to elevate the state’s economic future and make higher education attainable for all Texans.

Download a copy of the Almanac here (https://www.txcte.org/sites/default/files/resources/documents/2017%2520High%2520Education%2520Almanac.pdf)

View a flipbook version of the Almanac (https://www.paperturn-view.com/us/flipbook/id/thecb/2017-almanac?pid=MTI12406&p=3#/3)


Source URL: https://www.txcte.org/resource/2017-higher-education-almanac