CTE Teacher Self-Efficacy Survey (https://www.txcte.org/resource/cte-teacher-self-efficacy-survey)

CTE Teacher Self-Efficacy Survey

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CTE Teacher Self-Efficacy Survey

Survey Overview

An important aspect of the CTE New Teacher Mentoring Program was evaluation. One of the program's goals was to research and collect survey information on CTE teachers’ perceptions of their own self-efficacy, their pressing needs, and the quality of available supports in order to dictate future activities.


Resources for Learning’s evaluation and research team endeavored to create a retrospective teacher self-efficacy survey with incorporated needs assessment. RFL designed one voluntary survey to assess beginning Texas CTE teachers’ perspectives. Self-efficacy items were developed using the adapted work of Schwarzer, Schmitz, and Daytner. Survey items elicited primarily quantitative data, with a few questions allowing for a follow-up qualitative explanation. The purpose of the voluntary survey was to assess beginning teacher supports, program user experience, and teacher self-efficacy.


After analyzing the responses to the survey, RFL was able to determine the following key findings:

  1. Teachers with more than three years of experience generally demonstrate higher levels of self-efficacy than teachers with fewer than three years of experience.
  2. Most respondents appear to feel supported overall as a CTE educator.
  3. Less-experienced teachers like opportunities for collaboration and embedded professional learning.
  4. Teachers with more than three years of experience say they need content-knowledge support to a greater extent than do teachers with less experience.
  5. The TxCTE Ramp Up online communities are largely unknown and underutilized.

These findings are being used to guide the future of the CTE New Teacher Mentoring Program.


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