College Scorecard: What's the Score?

Created By: U.S. Department of Education
Audience: Students, educators, parents
Big Picture: A lot of colleges, a lot of info about each one—that’s what you get with College Scorecard. Its no-frills, easy-to-use search engine generates a list of school profiles that give you the most important info (cost, financial aid help, ACT and SAT averages, etc.) in an extremely well organized format.
How It Helps You: The site has one purpose, searching for colleges, and because of that it’s clear and focused—you won’t be distracted and confused by lots of tabs, links, flashing icons, or microscopic print.
Must-Use: How well do you qualify for financial aid? It’s a really good question, and the site has a really good way to get an answer—click on Calculate Your Aid and pop over to the FAFSA4caster to see where you stand.
Parent-Friendliness: No user login is required, so parents can search the site just like you can—and they’ll really appreciate the Types of Financial Aid section for in-depth info on which kinds of federal aid you may qualify for. 
Protip: Since there’s no saving your searches, bring your notepad or get your screen-capture skills ready, because the info is so good you’ll want to make notes to refer to later.