AIE: Adventures In Education

Created By: Trellis Company

Audience: 7th-12th-grade students, parents
Big Picture: This site’s got it all—how to get to college and pay for it, how to find a career afterwards, and how to manage any debt you may have collected in the process. Navigation is easy (topics are big, colorful, clickable buttons right on the homepage), and the articles are pretty short. There’s a lot of great advice and helpful tools (like the Loan Calculator), and there’s even a section for parents so they can share some of the work in finding you the right program.
How It Helps You: Kind of like shopping at the mall, you can find just about everything you need for figuring out your college and career plans by checking out this one site—saving you precious time you could be using to scope out all the details on your favorite schools.
Must-Use: You gotta check out the Career Choices calculator on the Tools and Calculators page—it gives you a preview of annual salaries for careers in various states, which may help you figure out not only your major, but where you’ll call home after graduating.

Protip: Hit the Videos section to watch some clips from a former college student who shares practical advice on not only choosing the right college, but also developing good study habits once you get there.