What is the Aim High Flight Academy?

The Aim High Flight Academy (AHFA) is an no-cost, annual flight training scholarship for a three-week introductory flight program at various college universities across the country. The Air Force will cover travel, lodging, meals, and all other necessary costs. 
The primary objectives of the flight school are to provide high school students an opportunity to:
  • experience university level flight training, university academics, and campus life
  • learn from experienced university instructors and staff
  • interact with USAF Aviation Inspiration Mentors for leadership and aviation mentorship
  • to understand the various existing pathways to become a USAF or civilian aviator or aviation                  professional
The 15 flight hour program includes 15 ground school hours and 15 simulator hours of aviation curriculum developed to provide you general aviation and aerodynamics concepts, aviation operations and safety, aircraft systems operations to help with future aviation entry program assessment such as the USAF Pilot Candidate Selection Method score or civilian aviation entry programs.  
AHFA pairs unaffiliated youth and cadets nominated by USAFA and AFROTC with Total Force Officers who provide aviation career broadening and mentorship about the various aviation professions and career fields that can be potential pathways to achieving their goals.
Air Force Recruiting Service; United State Air Force

What Do Students Get?

If selected to participate in the AHFA, students will be matched to a partner university flight training program and will have the opportunity to live, dine, study, and learn to fly while earning a certificate of completion. Students will experience first class university Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorized flight, ground, and simulator training curriculum. In addition to training, the USAF sponsors comfortable campus living arrangements, and access to school services such as dining, fitness, and recreation facilities. 
The university will provide FAA curriculum and in-the-seat aircraft practical experiences to stimulate your interest as a professional aviator. This program does not constitute any military obligations or commitments. It requires students to arrive ready to study with a positive attitude to be successful. Students will be asked to collaborate on small teams, develop professional relationships with staff and students and support fellow team members. Success in this program may open future USAF aviation experiential learning opportunities. 
The Air Force selects students based on eligibility criteria, the student’s complete application, and a nomination statement. If students are not selected for the AHFA program, there are other USAF sponsored aviation programs they may be eligible for. 


AHFA is for high school students, ages 16 – 18, or for ROTC and USAFA cadets. Applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA and submit an official transcript with their application. No previous flight experience or flight hours are required.
Once selected for the Aim High Flight Academy, students will have the opportunity to live, dine, and learn how to fly an airplane at various partner universities across the country. Click here to view their "Who May Apply?" document.

How to Apply

Students apply here for the USAF sponsored 2023 AIM HIGH Flight Academy Summer Flight Training Scholarship.  The Application window opens October 1st and closes November 30th. This program is entirely funded by flight school scholarships and if a student is selected there is no cost.  There are no military obligations or commitments by participating in this program. Applicants should thoroughly review the program information, eligibility criteria, application instructions and guidance located in the Resource section. 
Click here to view a practice application to help prepare for the real online application.

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