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MPOWER-Texas – an e-course designed to give counselors and advisors the tools they need to better advise students on opportunities available via Career and Technical Education at Texas Community and Technical Colleges. This site contains a wealth of useful information and resources for you and your students.  Enjoy!

About the Project

MPOWER Texas is an eCourse designed to educate high school and college guidance counselors about the need for, value of, and availability of Career and Technical Education pathways in Texas.
The primary goal is to convey a greater understanding of the role Career & Technical Education plays in leading graduates to high skill, high wage, high demand employment by providing business and industry a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.
Curriculum was largely developed by Education Service Center Region XII and Navarro College, with input from Career and Technical Professionals in secondary and higher education across Texas.
The eCourse is comprised of seven modules, covering a wide range of Career and Technical topics relevant to high school and college CTE counselors and advisors.
  • Module 1:  Purpose of Career and Technical Education (CTE)
  • Module 2:  Components of CTE Programs
  • Module 3:  Identifying CTE Programs Available via the Local Community College
  • Module 4:  Advising CTE Students
  • Module 5:  Carl Perkins Career Center Services
  • Module 6:  Becoming a College Student
  • Module 7:  Becoming an Employee


This course is being taught using CourseSites by Blackboard, an online platform for organizing and securely sharing course materials, online lectures, discussion and other learning activities. To request enrollment into my course, follow the steps below:
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Advisor Toolkit

In addition to the MPOWER Texas eCourse, there are lots of great resources for CTE counselors and advisors!  MPOWER has assembled a toolkit of helpful websites to assist CTE counselors at