Texas Roadtrip

High school is a time to explore, create, take chances, and make mistakes.

But high schoolers are also expected to make crazy-big choices about their futures—especially in Texas, where students are expected to choose a specialized area of study...essentially taking the first step towards choosing a career! That’s why this fall, we’re sending four teams of high school students from Texas on a series of road trip adventures through their local region of the state. Exploring everywhere from El Paso to the Gulf Coast—and everything in between—each team will do a deep dive into the educational and occupational opportunities arising on their very own stomping grounds. Follow along with these four teams as they let go of the familiar, and uncover the kind of adventures only Texas can provide.

Meet the Team

Select one of four Texas regions on the link below, to learn more about the Road Trip Team.

Explore the Route

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Roadtrip Nation

Road Trip Nation

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