The attached spreadsheet below contains information in response to SB 2105 (85th Legislature), which amended Texas Labor Code Section 302.014(a), requiring the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to provide to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) quarterly information regarding:
  1. Career and technical education partnership opportunities with business and industry; and
  2. Professional development opportunities for teachers and learning opportunities for students through industry mentorships, internships, summer programs, after-school programs, and career-based student leadership opportunities.
This is in addition to the information already provided on current and projected employment opportunities on the TWC Help Wanted Online web site, Information on internships is available through the Texas Internship Challenge web site,

In response to SB 2015, TWC gathered and compiled the attached information from each of the 28 regional Workforce Boards. TWC provides this information to TEA by the end of every calendar quarter.
Texas Workforce Commission