Texas GEAR UP in Action: LVN Program

Nursing's a great job. Nurses perform an incredibly demanding, immensely valuable, and incalculably rewarding service to their community—and it's steady work that requires even steadier minds to go in and git 'er done with compassion and a high level of expertise. That's where the Hudson High School Licensed Vocational Nurse program comes in. As the community noticed a lack of nurses to go around in their own hospitals, the educators at Hudson paired with East Texas GEAR UP for Success and other local partners to get the community college and local hospitals straight into the schools to get the seed of the healthcare career mindset planted as soon as possible for interested students. The program efforts not only converted a classroom to a recreation of a hospital ward, but also fostered a sense of fellowship among current and future nurses—and better yet, even middle-schoolers were entering into the academic spirit of things by getting prepped early for the nursing track. Talk about a prescription for greatness.