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With so many resources out there, it is hard to know where to start preparing students for life after high school. We hope our site will make this process easier with a short list of some helpful resources for each step of the way, starting in middle school. It is never too late, or too early to start planning for a student’s future.
We know preparing students for college is not a straightforward task. Our educator’s page organizes resources by topic area and a suggested timeframe for use, allowing you to quickly determine which resource may be best for the student(s) you serve, and our parents and students’ page provides resources you can use in your home to begin planning as a family.

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Students & Families

Students & Families

Preparing for What's Next
It is never too early to start planning for a college and career. But the options can seem endless, and we know there are a lot of hard and often confusing decisions you need to make. We’re here to help you prepare for success! Later this summer, you’ll be able to use the following resources, all for free!
A career exploration game: What does it actually mean to be a doctor? What do engineers do all day? If you’re really good at writing and speaking in public, what sort of job would be a good fit for you? Middle Galaxy is a fun, interactive way for you to really understand different types of jobs. Your teacher might let you play it in your class, or you can play it at home or on your phone.
A graduation planning tool: What are you interested in? What are you really, really good at doing? Map My Grad includes a bunch of questions to help you figure out your skills and interests. You can use that information to figure out the classes you should take in high school so you can graduate and be on your way to the job or career that you hope to get.
A family guide: How can you, as a parent or guardian, help your child make the best choices in school? What are the best questions to ask to have a good conversation about your child’s future? Our family guide will help you have these conversations and make these decisions, so your child can succeed and excel in and after high school.

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We Help You Help Your Students

Texas OnCourse resources will help educators support students as they make decisions about their future. We’ve partnered with educators, employers and other professional  across the state. This collaboration ensures our resources are  accessible, comprehensive and effectively support  counselors, advisers and teachers across the state.

For Counselors and Advisers: We are here to make your job easier!

Our comprehensive, online resources, launching in late summer, will deliver on-demand content and support to counselors and advisers. These resources include 28 individual self-paced modules on topics including financial aid, military career options, college applications, graduation plans, entrance and placement exams, career pathways and many other topics.
Thousands of educators across the state contributed the modules, all of which you can access individually whenever you need them. Texas OnCourse counselor resources also include a badging platform that enables you to track your own knowledge and skills.
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Get Involved

We hope you join us as a partner in empowering Texas students to plan for success in and after high school! Texas OnCourse will launch a set of online tools, activities and resources for counselors and advisers, CTE teachers, students and families in August 2017. Join our email list and be among the first to gain access to these materials!
In the meantime, help us beta-test our resources! Here’s now you can get involved:

Counselors and Advisers

Test our online training tools for professionals like you. These tools will support your efforts to best prepare students and families to make high-stakes decisions around college and careers. Registration for our final pilot test opportunity is open through July 5th, 2017 at 5pm. Fill out this form if you’re interested in registering.(Opens in a new window)

Administrators and Education Leaders

We’d love to come to your school, district or region and talk to you and your educators about TXOC. Our middle-school resources are a great supplement for your CTE classrooms, and fit easily within your existing curriculum. You can incorporate our counselor and advisor online training modules into professional development opportunities. Counselors and advisers who’ve used our modules told us they were the most useful professional development resources they’ve ever used. Let’s talk about how TXOC can help your school, district and educators! Schedule a meeting today.
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